6 Of Our Favorite WordPress Things

For The DIY Web Creator

We love sharing our knowledge and if it makes someone’s life easier, then we’re all for it. Here’s our top 6 favorite things that are critical to a great WordPress site.

Quick Disclaimer: Always check that a new plugin or theme is compatible with your installed version of WordPress.
  1. Theme: Astra
    • How can one theme offer so much customization? This theme creates a platform for any user to build a 100% custom look & feel. When you combine it with WordPress version 5.8 and the Ultimate addons for Gutenberg mentioned below, you have a powerful customizer package. Your only limitations will be your imagination.
  2. Plugin: WordFence
    • In our opinion, this is an absolute must! Security is very, very, very, important for a WordPress site, trust us on this one. What differentiates WordFence from other security plugins is that they are super proactive with security. They also love to share knowledge. They host YouTube live streams to share key understandings for site security, WordPress update features, etc. The free version of WordFence is spectacular and has been a web-saver for us.
  3. Plugin: Change wp-admin
    • Once you install a plugin like WordFence, you’ll start to realize how many login attempts are happening on your login in page. We discovered this plugin when one site we manage was being attacked over and over. This plugin creates a screen to the login page and prevents bots from finding and attempting to guess your admin login information. It reduce attempts by 99.9% on the site we installed it on.
  4. Plugin: Yoast SEO
    • Yoast is powered by a team of expert developers, testers, software architects, and SEO consultants. They work constantly to stay at the cutting edge of WordPress SEO and you won’t need a degree to create amazing content.
  5. Plugin: Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
    • Power-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful blocks that help you build websites in minutes! Simply pick your favorite blocks from the Ultimate Addons that speed up the process of website building with easy to use settings and customizations for intuitive visual styling.
  6. Plugin: Google Site Kit
    • Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google for insights about how people find and use your site. Site Kit is the one-stop solution to deploy, manage, and get insights from critical Google tools to make the site successful on the web. It provides authoritative, up-to-date insights from multiple Google products directly on the WordPress dashboard for easy access, all for free.

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